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************************* 1ST EVER SIGNED IS A ONE OF A KIND ******************************************


***Mojo is an Art book and has NO story in it what so ever, it's a pure Gallery book that show cases my art spanning my entire art career with new and classic pieces. There is a lot of topless and nudity in it, so be careful who you show it  ; ) 


My Baby Captain Morgana, she is my own creation and I love that I get to draw my character and let my imagination run wild, I hope you enjoy the journey I take you on. The interior pages of Mojo are collections of covers and commissioned drawings of all our favorite female characters, ala e.Bas style, sometimes a male character shows up   ; ) 




******************************* FREE SABINE RICH PRINT *********************************************

Free comic sized Print with every Mojo #2 Gold edition you buy. Sabine's Morgana will be printed on Pearl "Swirl" linen paper that has a sheen that catches the light that you only see on Wedding invitations. It has a "finger print" like texture to that paper that makes a slight sound when you run your finger nails across the surface, you have to hold it in your hands to believe it. 


This Pearl print will be my last free give away because I just found out that the Pearl print costs more than twice the amout of the comic that it comes with, so get a part of Mojo history whilst you can.


The books are already printed, so there will be very little wait time, I normally don't print until after I release the book 


Thanks and GO ASS!!!! 

1st EVER signed! Mojo 2 GOLD Topless (comic)

SKU: 1srEverSignedMojo2goldTopless
  • Please allow at least ONE MONTH for shipping, all books are made out of state and "then" shipped to me to sign, wrap, sort and mail out "myself" on top of my art chores


    Thanks and GO ASS!!!! 

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