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My Baby Captain Morgana of my Mojo art book, she is my own creation and I love that I get to draw my character and let my imagination run wild. I hope you enjoy the journey I take you on. The interior pages of Mojo are collections of covers and commissioned drawings of all our favorite female characters, ala e.Bas style, sometimes a male character shows up   ; ) 

This issue has all the content from the original Mojo #1 but in a more EXTREMELY rare "Pearl Swirl" paper that has texture like a finger print. Limited to only 75 Copies WORLD WIDE and to never be printed again, so do not hesitate 


******************************* FREE DAWN McTEIGUE PRINT *********************************************

Free comic sized Print with every Mojo #1 Black and Gold Naughty edition you buy as well as a FREE GO ASS Mojo sticker. Dawn's Morgana will be printed on Pearl linen paper that has a sheen that catches the light that you only see on Wedding invitations and is a must have for all Dawn Lovers. Topless versions of the print comes only with naughty versions of the book, 1 per order. Censored version of the print comes with reg version of the books, 1 per order  

The books are already paid for and is being printed now, so there will be very little wait time, I normally don't print until after I release the book 


Revenue from these books will help to towards Mojo 1 CHROME editions which I will release next month, so THANK YOU in advance  


Thanks and GO ASS!!!! 

Mojo 1 Black Pearl Regular Edition (Comic Cover Printed on Pearl Linen paper)

SKU: Mojo1BlkPearl75
  • Please allow up to ONE MONTH for shipping, all prints are made out of state and "then" shipped to me to sign, wrap, sort and mail out "myself" on top of my art chores


    Thanks and GO ASS!!!! 

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