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Zenescope's Snow White Connecting set, yes they connect. My pencil images have been doing well lately, it only took 15 yrs for this to happen ; ) This is what my art looks like before I send it to the colorist. I wanted the camera to be placed really low to the ground (water) to give the illusion that we are in the water with them


I organize ALL web orders myself, sign, wrap, sort, pack and ship all prints (on top of my drawing chores) and I have to wait for my "out of state" printing house to ship me all orders before I can ship them to you, so PLEASE be patient, sometimes it can take up to a month. 


The Print comes on 11x17, 100 pound semi-gloss cover stock paper 

Art by me: Eric "e.Bas" Basaldua 

Sunset Snow White pencils (11x17 PRINT)

SKU: SunsetSnowPencils
  • Because of Quarantine and moving to a new house, shipping may be backed up a bit

    I sort, wrap, sign and ship ALL prints myself on top of my day job of drawing, and each print is made out of state and have to be shipped to me to sign before I can ship them all to you, so I'd appreciate your understanding 


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